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Amr A. Awadallah - Mendel Rosenblum -
Computer Systems Lab - EE Department - Stanford University

PhD Orals and Thesis:




Currently, most Internet services are pre-allocated to servers statically; which leads to sluggish interactivity, low availability, limited scalability, and delay fairness issues.

In this thesis, we present a novel architecture that solves these issues without requiring significant code changes (i.e., backward-compatible). This architecture is called the vMatrix, and it is an overlay network of virtual machine monitors (VMMs). A VMM encapsulates the state of the machine in a virtual machine file, which could then be migrated and activated on any real machine running the VMM software.

We identified three challenging Internet problems that previous solutions failed to address in a backward-compatible way. We then implemented a prototype of the vMatrix and studied it in detail as a solution for these three challenges:

We also demonstrate additional side benefits, including on-demand replication for absorbing flash crowds (in case of a newsworthy event like a major catastrophe) and faster recovery times for improved overall reliability.

The vMatrix:

The name The vMatrix comes from the analogy to the popular sci-fi movie The Matrix. In the movie, machines controlled humans by virtualizing all their external senses; we propose doing the same back to the machines :)

It is a virtual matrix of real machine hosts running VMM software, these hosts are ready to be "possessed" by guest VMs (ghosts) encapsulating internet services.


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